12 nights of Yule: Othala and Dagaz

And we come to this, the final night of the Yule season, and the final night of 2010. It’s been a very rough year for me. Strangely enough, at midnight last year I was feeling annoyed about some things. I have to wonder now how much that colored the year for me. This year I intend to keep that kind of feeling out as much as possible. Today I will be doing a lot of food shopping, including collard greens to boost my luck for the new year. Tonight the only certainty is that I will be going out to dinner with one of my good friends, and likely by midnight I will be home, hopefully relaxed, and sipping some bubbly.

I have resolutions, even if I don’t know what they truly are yet. I wish for a better 2011 than 2010.

And now, to the final runes of the elder futhark. I personally think dagaz is the final rune, not because of the idea of faring forth, but because I think othala follows ingwaz much better than dagaz. Part of the mystery of the runes, for me, is that these two can switch positions.

Dagaz: What doors have opened for me? What doors have closed?

Opened doors seem to be happening on the work front. I never knew how easy they were to open until I tried a handle.
Closed doors? I don’t want to think about them always being closed. I simply lack the keys to open them right now. Some of those doors should also stay firmly closed and locked.

Othala: Where is my true home?

This one is easy: with those I call family. Whether they are blood kin or chosen family or family by bonds stronger than blood, they make my home. Even were I wandering out somewhere I didn’t know, if I were with family, that place would be home.

I wish you all health, wealth, luck, and love for 2011!


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