Pantheacon in bullet points

*I didn’t fly straight in for Pantheacon this year, instead I had my California vacation time before Pcon. I’m not sure if I prefer this method or the other, but I wanted a change and it worked out well for spending time with important people. The trip itself was glorious, as always. Friends galore, feeling normal, and some very intense moments at the Academy of Sciences. I got very close to a rattlesnake (with plexiglass between us of course) and watched an octopus lay eggs.

*Spent the weekend of the con itself not feeling like my usual self. So I did not go to nearly as many of the workshops I wanted to attend. Having read the recaps of several people from the weekend, at least I have a sense of what I missed. Hopefully next year I will have more drive.

*Because of not feeling like my usual self, I spent a good portion of the con with my head covered. One of the contributing factors was having the psychic cement block which had been encompassing my head for the last few years melt away the weekend before. Having a hat or wrap around my head acted as a good physical barrier against stuff I wasn’t used to having on my internal radar. This is now leading to some serious consideration to doing this on a regular basis.

*Among the missing out was’s metaritual. From everything I heard (it helps to room with the people doing the ritual) it was a success, and I need to get a copy of the chant and sigil so I can utilize it for some of my own workings.

*Danballah sevis on Saturday morning went well. Or at least as well as a Vodou ritual can go in a hotel when you only have 90 minutes for everything. Since it’s my only real contact with the religion due to living far from my house, I embrace it and love it.

*I managed to get away with NOT spending a ton of money in the dealer’s room. Somehow I got away with only buying one book from Field’s, but as it was Lon Milo DuQuette‘s latest memoir, I think it was an excellent choice. I’ve already finished it and encourage ALL of you to read Low Magick, along with his earlier memoir My Life with the Spirits.

*I DID attend some more room parties and open houses this year. Perhaps next year I’ll also talk more with the people who are there.

*Saturday night I went to a party for The Unnamed Path, as Hyperion has become a good friend over the last few years. It was very interesting being the only female in a room full of queer men. I am coming to have a greater appreciation for Mysteries involving gender and sexuality as I get over. I think there is VERY DEFINITELY places in Paganisms for women’s, men’s, gay, lesbian, queer, genderqueer, etc. mysteries. The key is to OWN these Mysteries and not turn them into a front for creating divisions among different types of people. Apparently there was some controversy involving one ritual which had not been specified as (bio)women only, and they were turning away men and transwomen at the door. My short response: you should have stated specifically in the program that there were limits on who could attend.
Back to the party, we all ended up doing a deathwalking to communicate with ancestors and spirits and convey messages. One of the messages relayed hit home for me very hard and I was crying a little. May it come true and BE true. Thanks again Hyperion.

*On Sunday I went to a kitchen witchery workshop that bled hard into my other blog and is giving me ideas of something to present next year.

*Had a lot reading from Eli Sheva again. I didn’t get one last year and really missed it. I didn’t go in with a specific question, only saying I want to know what the lots and the spirits have to say… and they said a lot. Much of it was positive and pointed in directions that are not of my usual path. But change is good, and doing different things is the best way to shift your life.

*Sunday night I FINALLY got to sample absinthe. Oh my, that is some potent stuff.

*Had a meta-conversation (the only way I can explain it) going many many hours which shook me to my core, and revealed how badly I’ve been doing the last few years with a lot of different things. It also showed how many shells I live under and how they hinder me, and my fear of actually being myself and not simply “on good behavior.” Still processing all of that, so we shall see where it goes.

*Met some cool new people, reconnected with others I have known for a while, and wishing more than ever to move to the west coast.


5 comments on “Pantheacon in bullet points

  1. Woot and yay for a good trip to Cali! I’m sad I didn’t get to see more of you :).

    I hear you on the head covering. I’ll be making Ocha in 3 months or less and looking at spending a year with my head covered. I’m feeling a bit intimidated by the *publicness* of going around with a head covering, and very aware right now of Islamophobia in my environment (since in this area, it’s almost entirely Muslim women who cover their heads, so the assumption is that you’re Muslim if you’re female and your head is covered). So stuff I’m chewing in. But on the days when I feel like I need it, I find head coverings to be very comforting things.

  2. Thank you Phil!

    Bari, yes I can imagine. But somehow I imagine you’ll be able to handle it. I do have confidence in you.

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