New media and new resolutions

If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend checking out the Pagans and the New Media panel podcast that Thorn Coyle has posted on her site. I also recommend the Hindu-Pagan dialogue, which I listened to today. And also got a pleasant surprised when I recognized the voice of one of my nearest and dearest asking a question during that dialogue.

The first one included a comment from Thorn which got under my skin, about people she knows who blog but do not post regularly. Since I am just about able to keep up with weekly posts to my food blog, I’ve decided that I am going to work on posting here biweekly. If anything, I can post about what is (and is not) happening with my practice. That is what I will be giving this evening.

*I got my esko reading done about a week and a half ago. This is the reading in Vodou which tells you who among the lwa are particularly close to you. Mine was surprising, and at the same time not surprising. It’s amazing how “coincidences” can line up so well in my favor sometimes. And if you’re wondering, no I will not be publicly sharing the results. It is more common in Vodou to keep the results close to you, because they can be used against you. I’m also slowly learning more about the lwa and the tradition. It’s a good time for it too. Generally one does not serve the lwa during Lent.

*This past Saturday I went to see the Pompeii exhibit in New York City. I reminisced some about my Latin class from high school, found myself saying several times “I already HAVE enough Gods, thank you very much!” and also getting thrown for a loop halfway through the exhibit. It is extremely intense, especially if you’re spiritually open. And this confirmed just how open I am again. While it was hard to process that day, I’m glad it all happened as it did. And who knows, I may be poking my nose in some Roman stuff one of these days.

*Lent has become a shifting into Spring holy time for me. I’m giving up my usual (comforting yet unhealthy) thought patterns for the weeks ahead and working to retrain my brain. Further, the first day of this period was also the first day I wore a scarf over my head. I’ve continued it every time I have gone out. It has acted as a good barrier to know what is “inner” and what is “outer” and filtering out stuff I don’t need right now. Being open again like this is not something I’m used to. It also has me wondering about the myriad of cultures in which women would cover their heads. I don’t want to make some kind of gender essentialist comment about women being more psychically open, but some part of me wonders if that is at least one portion of why this may have happened.

*My prayer and wish for this post: I hope that I can find more time to write. Not just writing for my academic work, but writing for me. The Muse has seen fit recently to prod me with many thoughts that would make good stories. If only I had the time to turn them into something more than electrical impulses.


6 comments on “New media and new resolutions

  1. If you have a moment, I’d love to hear more about what you saw in terms of Hadrian and Antinous…

    (I don’t know if you sent a subsequent text message with an attachment after our brief exchange of them the other day, but I can’t receive attachments, so…)

    As I was saying to Jason of The Wild Hunt at PantheaCon one night, I honestly thought when I started my blog that I wouldn’t have enough material, posting only twice a week, to last more than a month…how wrong I ended up being, eh? 😉

  2. Hello dear. There were three heads, one of Hadrian and two of Antinoous, along with some of Hadrian’s family. All together in one corner of the big Greek-Roman rooms. Took a photo of one of Antinoous’s head, (oh is that naughty of me? heh.) and I need to figure out how to upload phone photos to the internets. It’s not the bust you have, as I recall them.

    What I am also trying to do is make preliminary posts with potential topics, so I am not just doing personal and introspective posts. There’s a lot more to me than that!

  3. Well, when you do get them, I’d love to see them! I used to have some photos someone took of his statue head there, but had to give them back to the person (that was some of the stuff that took place during the schism of ’07). Of course, I can just find him on the site that has all the pictures of Antinous statues and depictions currently known, but it’s not quite the same as photos from people I know who have been there, if you see what I mean…photos taken by friends who are polytheists and devotees and did so with an eye to that, rather than just some academic photographer who wanted to catalogue an exhibit.

  4. I am going to try sending you the photo as an email. Let me know if you get it, and if there are any problems.

  5. Hi, I’m just checking out your blog- dipping my big toe in. As far as head coverings go, I don’t think you have to be essentialist to recognize that female gender *role* encourages more openness.

    Carry on.

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