Friday linkage

Happy Friday everyone! I have some links to share before the weekend gets underway.

Thorn Coyle’s podcasts continue to blow me away. I consider trying to find other Pagan podcasts but fear they’d fall short in comparison. In her latest, she interviews my good friend P. Sufenas Virius Lupus of Ekklesia Antinoou. I haven’t had a chance to listen today, but knowing Sufenas this should be very entertaining!

Lupa is blogging again, and her last three posts have dealt with American culture and the perceived split between natural and artificial. She is also reviewing books again at Pagan Book Reviews.

The Serpent’s Wisdom has a very interesting post about Hekate. My own relationship with her (as I mention in the comments) is interesting. She’s not a very “present” deity for me, even when I honor Her during the dark moon. But if I ever think about discontinuing this practice or declaring I am not one of Hers, I feel a world of trouble coming quickly upon the horizon. I felt fascinated while I was reading this to find out that it is not all that uncommon with Her.



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