For those seeking words

and because I’ve been talking about them recently, I wanted to share a site I’ve started using and enjoying.


The concept is based around something from the book The Artist’s Way. In the book (which I have not read, I only know from others), author Julia Cameron encourages people doing the program to write three pages in a journal every day. No censoring, whatever you want, just do three pages.

When typing, the typical word count per page is estimated at 250 words. Therefore three pages would be 750 words.

The layout of the site is very simple, with a login, and everything you write there is automatically private. There’s a word count running at the bottom of the screen so you can see your progress. You also get virtual badges for making the goal, and for making them many days in a row.

It’s addictive. And it’s a good way to get out the chatter inside your head and sort through it. I hope that eventually I’ll move past just writing journal type entries and going into more creative writing.


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