Happy Midsommar!


Happy Midsummer!

(I wrote this entry as part of my morning pages on 750words.com this morning, and actually did the “morning pages” in the morning.)

Yes indeed, I am writing this entry very early in the morning. I woke up at 5am in order to greet the sun. Then I prepared a tisane of lemon balm to brew in the sun of the longest day of the year. The smell of the herb on my hand as I picked stalks to set in the pitcher with water was heavenly and comforting. I look forward to drinking this brew. Who knows if I will have time or the energy later today to conduct a formal ritual, but I want to try. I want to reaffirm the connections with my spiritual life, since today is both a major holiday for Heathens as well as the Feast of the Beautiful Reunion, when Hethert and Heru-wer are reunited.

Hm, suddenly I have a strong desire to make offerings of beer this evening. I suppose it’s fitting. *winks*

One could say it’s all downhill from here, as tomorrow will have a slightly shorter amount of daylight. But the earth will still warm further, the plants will ripen, animals will bask in this time, and life will continue.

I wish all of you a beautiful summer. For my Kemetic siblings, may the unraveling of the year (by the Kemetic Orthodox calendar, the last day of the year will be around July 28) be a time you can handle well. For myself, I wish for a few more hours in each day, or at least some time to sort through what I need and want to do and figuring out how to better juggle everything.


4 comments on “Happy Midsommar!

  1. So, reading this way, *way* late because, hurrah I’m back online again! I’m reading your blog this week, for my morning reading, to get caught up, though I’m running late today so this is my only comment. But . . . *bless you* for calling it a tisane. I’m a nutcase, I know, but I twitch every single time someone calls herbal teas herbal tea. Beth’s getting me out of the habit of wanting to strangle people. Apparently it’s a good shorthand, but . . . tea is a specific group of plants. It’s not tea if it doesn’t have tea!!! *sob* Of course, then she tells me about customers she’s got that will call any dried herb “tea” regardless of whether or not one is going to use it in an infusion, and I want to weep. Don’t get started on ‘herbal coffee tea’ . . .

    Yes, it’s pedantic, but reading “tisane” really made my morning, and so I had to share. I am not the *least* bit neurotic . . .

  2. Heh, you are not neurotic at all, nope. Maybe I should make a post on my other blog about tea vs. tisane vs. herb.

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