Aset Luminous and giving thanks

Bless the phenomenon that is Facebook. I have not been paying attention to the calendar (which is a little shorter this year to account for Wep Ronpet falling a little sooner) and did not know that today is Aset Webenut. I have plans to celebrate with a local friend next weekend, but I will also be sure to give Her something today. This may also explain some of why I’ve been dreaming of cobras recently.

I feel very thankful for the Gods and spirits in my life, Who never leave me even when I find myself sidetracked by mundane life or become nearly deaf to Their voices. Today I feel the need to thank two.

Hail Odin!
Thank You for Your patience with me. Thank You for reminding me what my Work is, what is has been for so very long. It’s been a rough road, and lately I’ve had many times of wondering if I would ever be successful and considered just giving up entirely. Apparently I do indeed need to keep on trying.

Dua Seshat! Your guidance is quiet but unmistakable. You have given me hope over many months that I am doing the right thing, and yet again this morning You tell me the same thing, without repeating the exact same message.

Dua Netjer! Hail to you, my Gods!


2 comments on “Aset Luminous and giving thanks

  1. Dua Seshat! I’ve felt much the same way lately- a very muted, but most definitely there, sort of guidance.

  2. Indeed, Menem. She’s so close with me that I call Her Mom, and for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why I was not dual-parented.

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