Unraveling Year 18

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In just about a week, Regnal Year 18 in the House of Netjer will end. On 29 July, we shall commence celebration of the Intercalary days, the days between the year, when the children of Geb and Nut were born: Wesir (Osiris), Heru-wer (The Elder Horus), Set, Aset(Isis), and Nebt-Het (Nephthys). This is the second year I’ve not been able to attend Retreat, after going for two years. My plan to celebrate solo this year is to make a small shrine in Their honor, give Them each a small offering on Their birthdays (and incidentally, I share my birthday with Heru-wer this year. usually my birthday is a feast day for Min), and contemplate the transition into a new year.

This past year has been a year of zep tepi, which is the idea of every new day having the potential of the first day of creation as Ra breaks over the horizon. Making every day a chance to start anew. Perhaps, in a fitting theme for such a year, I am not one whit curious to hear about the oracle for the coming year, or to find out which God or Gods are over the year. That would be looking ahead too far, and not taking in what this day can bring me. I wonder if this lesson will go forward after this year. We can only see what the next day brings. Though I have made a resolution for this year, which I believe I made last year. For this coming year I intend to follow the calendar and acknowledge the festivals as they come. The way I intend to complete the resolution this year is by printing out the calendar each month and checking it when I go into shrine every morning.

Often times when hitting this time of year, a lot of people involved in the temple feel like things are coming apart and going nuts. Hence the unraveling. The year is disintegrating and all is going back into sheer potential, waiting for something anew to be woven. Even considering we’re in the shadow of Mercury retrograde, and I was feeling that energy coming up in June, it does not feel like this year is coming apart in quite so dramatic a way as it has in the past. I’ve been giving a lot of thanks for that.

Over this past Kemetic year I’ve done a lot, and also gone through a lot. Most notably learning what it’s really like to have anxiety, and get over it. There was also the matter of prolonged stress from schooling. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s getting brighter, and I know it’s not an oncoming train. My final class (for real this time, take note university!) is just about done, save for one discussion I need to post. I decided that after I finish this class, I am going to give myself a week or two off from thinking about school, then I am going to work on my final project. It’s a revision of work I did earlier in my schooling, and even though I don’t have a lot of work left to do on it, I want to take the time to make it a very strong piece of work. Once that is done I will just need to do a portfolio and the paperwork for graduation. Then I can call my graduate degree complete. FINALMENTE!

(Incidentally, I am probably going to have some kind of celebration, even if it’s just drinking champagne in my house. If you would like to help me celebrate and you live in my area, drop a line.)

Something I have been contemplating over the last few week is the way I experience my Gods and spirits. They usually come in cycles, feeling Their presence at certain times of the month (Hekate), or in specific seasons (The Aesir from Yule to Midsummer, and Netjer from Wep Ronpet until around the time of Wesir Mysteries). This year, the Aesir have not receded. This week especially, I’ve felt both Bragi and Idunna lingering around the edges, just waiting for something. What, I do not know yet. Hopefully They will give me a little time to recouperate before I dive back in to spiritual work.

Another practice I started on this spring has been work to better connect with my spirit allies. In what ends up being periods of about four weeks, I immerse myself in the energy of one of my fetches or my familiar (as it has gone so far). As of now I have worked with the spirits with whom I was not so well connected. They were certainly there, but I had never been able to overtly focus on their energies. Having done so, I feel more integrated with my magic and my self. Now that I have time to spare again, I hope to take these practices further and see where they might lead me.

Before I started that work I got a very strong message to “be a witch.” That’s a matter for another post. But since I got that message, I have been feeling that witchy quality more. It’s a good thing, like my various practices are coming together into a more cohesive whole. Another step forward.

2 thoughts on “Unraveling Year 18

  1. You know, I just finished making the calendar for the Aedicula Antinoi in the last hours of July 31…and, like you, I’m really glad to have that, so that I only need to look in one place for all of that info. (Though I’m sure I won’t be able to celebrate everything properly…and I’m sure a few things will also get added along the way.)

    I’m getting some important stuff done these days, but not as much as I’d like…but, that seems to be a theme for many of us at present.

  2. Sufenas, I cannot wait to be done with my class, because then I can finally get back to everything else I want to do. My pile of unanswered email, saved bookmarks, oh, and a certain essay, all beckon me.

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