Days upon the year: Remembering strife

Set by Kefetmisenu

Sometimes I feel as though I thrive on adversity. Whenever times are good or easy for me, the feel boring and I don’t know what to do with myself. But present with with some kind of challenge, or put an obstacle in my way, and I rear up, ready for the fight.

Perhaps I’d be a Set kid, if I were not so laid back most of the time. *laughs*

Right now I face some adversity. On Wednesday, my final exam is due for my last class. Right now, I sit before the computer and write a blog post, with absolutely no interest whatsoever in doing the exam. The temptation to say fuckit sits on one shoulder, whispering in my ear. On the other side sits my nearly completed coursework along with the knowledge that I just need a few more steps before I get that blasted degree. A few more small obstacles to overcome. As much as I’d love to get off the path now, I know I need to complete the walk.

One this entry is done, I will be getting to work. Honest.

The oracle for the next year has been released. I will speak of it a little more on Wednesday, which will be the first day of Year 19. Once again, zep tepi baby.

This morning I offered Set incense oil along with a shot of rum. As I sat at the shrine, words for a possible prayer/hymn started to come together in my mind. What I put together actually pleases me enough that I might use it as a prayer for Him as needed.

Dua Set!
Hail to You, boundary breaker,
Strongest of all the Names.
May You destroy all that which is unwanted.
May You open the way.
May You bring forth a new day.


3 comments on “Days upon the year: Remembering strife

  1. Thank you Shefyt, that does mean a lot coming from you. 🙂 Now of course Aset is tinkering around for me to come up with one for Her tonight.

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