Days upon the year: Remembering magic

Today is Aset’s birthday. The Mistress of Heka.
In Middle Egyptian, the word heka can mean both magic and words. Words have power. They created the world in more than one world-view. Imagine, sounds coming out of your mouth and physical things springing forth from them.
In Egyptian belief, this is true any time you speak. Something to think about. If you’re making something every time words come out of your mouth, what are you making?

Over the last few years, I have become much more conscious of the way I use words. This actually started after reading the comic series The Invisibles (if you want to see language shaping reality, that is the place to look), and has intensified as my spiritual practices deepen. What kind of things do I want to put out in to the world? What kind of words have been put out about me, as well?

I want to build things with my words. I want to heal. To make beautiful. To shine. To bring truth.

The words I choose to speak and to write can either add bricks to those things, or be the rot which brings them down. It’s always my choice, though.

What do you choose?

Dua Aset!
Daughter of Nut,
Mother of Heru,
Great of Magic,
Lady of Innumerable Names,
Who knows the secret Name of Her father, Ra.
You Who watch over the nation.
May You watch over me,
protect me and nurture me.
May You guide my heka and make it strong.
May You watch over my creations.

Aset and Wesir by Kefetmisenu


2 comments on “Days upon the year: Remembering magic

  1. Oh, this is lovely! The drawing of the three goddesses is remarkable too, but there is so much emotion in this one it gives me chills.

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