Days Upon the Year: Remembering Life

We are in the final hours of the Days Upon the Year. Tomorrow, I will wake up before the dawn in order to greet the first light and to destroy isfet for the coming year.

Today is the birthday of Nebt-het, youngest of Nut’s children. She is a quiet Goddess, difficult to understand for many. For me, She exists as part of a triple aspect, along with Nit and Seshat.

Nit-Nebthet-Seshat by Kefetmisenu (oh, and I own the original pencil sketch of this. It’s lovely.)

I cannot understand one without the others. She reminds me of the Fates, and the Furies, and the Norns. You get one, you get all. I can see the Norns paralleled in the Triple-Aspected: Creation, Sustaining, Disintegration. Though as always, there is so much more than that.

I spent today working on the final exam for what should hopefully be my final class. For real this time. It has been a struggle, and I have cursed and pounded out my frustrations on the keyboard. And Nebt-het has been there, quiet and observing. When the next year dawns in the morning, it will dawn with me being done with this stage of my life. Well, at least in theory. There are still some more hurdles left before I get my Master’s degree. But, in some ways, I will be putting the majority of it behind me and stepping forward into a new period of my life. May Nebt-het watch over it well.

Dua Nebt-Het!
Hail to You,
Friend of the Dead,
Mistress of the House,
Silent Lady,
Chronicler of Years,
Creator of the Universe!
May You guide the beloved dead.
May You guide me through life.
May You look upon me well.


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