As the Moon turns

There are always candles to be lit, offerings to give, something going on involving the Unseen world. But somehow I still forget that this is a MAGICAL part of my life. When it’s part of the routine and thus considered “normal,” I suppose I can be forgiven for such thoughts.

Today is the start of the Opet Festival in the Kemetic Orthodox calendar. Due to straining my back over the weekend and still feeling sore this morning, I inadvertently heeded the advice for today.
“Do not put the foundation of a house [down today].
Do not put a ship in a shipyard (i.e. begin building).
Do not order any work. Do not do any work on this day at all.”

Well, sorta. I’m taking care of stuff on the home front, while also making time to do cross stitch and also lay on the floor with my knees bent to ease the soreness.

Tonight there will be more candles lit and an offering put out for Hekate. I have missed Her.

I am also going to make my first ever herbal charm, one for dreaming. If it turns out well I will let all of you know.


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