Hallows 2011 link roundup

I don’t think the coming winter will be quite as harsh as the last one, but there’s still a prediction of snow for tonight and tomorrow. It’s not even Samhain! But for my northern ancestors, now would be the start of winter. I think I appreciate it a little more now.

I miss writing, but I am still recovering from fatigue and have too much on my plate. So I will share some writing of others today.

Item one, Thorn’s post sums up my own situation. Just substitute travel for 2.5 years of grad school and a day with many weeks. I wish I could spend a day in bed doing nothing but it has yet to happen. Perhaps next week when I go to Florida I can try this.

My friend Mary has a great post about Hallows traditions in England several hundred years ago. If you haven’t already you MUST read her last book, Daughters of the Witching Hill.

For those of you who recall the big gender controversy at Pantheacon earlier this year, Rabbit posted her full take a few weeks ago. Take note of the comments, since she references the Danballah sevis and there’s clarification of that prohibition.

Blue Druid covers the idea of Hekate devotion being a fad.

I’ve had some new blogs come on to my radar but would still like to hear of some more.

Finally, Lupa has made a headdress for Anupet, a female jackal deity from Egypt who has been turning up on a few radars recently. I wish I had the money for this.


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