A quick FYI

Last night I turned in the last bit of needed work for my Master’s degree. In theory at least, I am really truly done with that portion of my education. I can’t DO anything more, unless it turns out I have to fill out another form. (Dear Gods, please no, I just want to have them say “yes you graduate” and send the nice piece of paper.)

The next few weeks will have their own level of busy, though not as much as before. I have gifts I want to finish and various holiday celebrations to attend. What I most look forward to is a return to more active practice (and potentially witchy things) as we move into Yule, winter, and Peret, the Kemetic growing season. Yes I do find amusement in the fact that I submitted this last bit of work at the very end of the Innundation season and end of Wesir’s mysteries when He is established as King in the West.

Dua Netjer and Hail all the Gods that I got to this point!


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