One more success

I wonder if it’s fitting to find out that the next phase of my life is starting on St. Lucia Day. A day dedicated to light, with undertones of Odin and the Wild Hunt to it, and I get the news that my application to graduate has been accepted.

For all intents and purposes, I now have a master’s degree in information and library science.


Ever since I’ve heard the news I have been bouncing around and telling everyone I possibly could that this is the case. Somehow it seems unreal that I have finally reached that point. For a while it seemed like I would just have to take class after class after class. Which means part of my psyche feels like it needs to continue that pattern.

I have sworn this to myself. For the rest of December I am taking things easy. Celebrating this milestone. Getting the rest I could not get enough of this fall. Enjoying my time with friends. Celebrating Yule without any worries. Picking up my practices slowly. Did I mention how much out of the loop I am there? Because I am. There needs to be a lot of dedicated meditation time once the holidays are over. Not to mention Someone new in the Unseen wanting my attention and having to say “Give me a little more time!”

I suppose there are worse problems to have though.

I’m done. Next phase please.

What is difficult is forcing myself to relax and take things easy. There is too much temptation to throw myself back into projects, whether they be mundane or magical.


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