Yultide 2011

I feel like I should say something to note this holy tide, but I’m at a loss. I’m not doing the 12 nights journaling but I have set aside my various fiber crafts in honor of Frau Holda. I also visited Her in trance earlier this evening. What does it say when three Goddesses simply put me to bed for the time I am in that altered state?

I’m turning introspective, and so introspective it’s not ready for any sort of public consumption yet. There is still so much in my head requiring sorting out. This is not a process which can be rushed or forced. Things will come out when they’re ready and as they’re needed.

This is the longest night. From here until June it’s all uphill with the light.

Blessed Yule, my friends.


3 comments on “Yultide 2011

  1. I’ve been getting a lot more sleep of late as well…The deities have not been absent during that time, but still, it feels like a time of steeping rather than of pouring forth, as it were…

    May the best tidings of all the holy-days in this season, and the blessings of all the gods and goddesses involved, be with you today and throughout!

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