Back to the beginning once again

I’ve been trying to write this post since around Yule, but either I’ve been too mentally wiped out to do so, or nothing comes out that I can work with. Whenever I do start to compose something in my head, it sounds really trite. I can’t handle that, I don’t want to be distant from those of you who are reading. Not removing myself somehow. I want to be engaged actively.

What I’ve been trying to say is this:
Now that my Master’s degree is done I can think about actual practice again, instead of just the mostly devotional work I’ve done for the last few years. Not that the devotional should be downplayed, but the active magic, trance work, heka, etc. has been sorely lacking. Now that I can do these things again… I have no idea what to do. I continue my regular practices, try to get meditation back into my life, and am starting to contemplate some more serious hedge riding.

It really feels like another zep tepi, back to the beginning. Each time I have this happen though, I have more and more skills in my proverbial toolkit with which I can work.

I thank my Gods and spirits for being so patient with me, and generally give thanks for having the devotional practice. It keeps that part of my psyche engaged on some level, so when I come back to deeper practice it’s not so difficult to take up again.

I’m also taking the time to seek out more practitioners with whom I can engage and network. Found a few on Twitter. Enough that I am actually thinking of setting up a Twitter account specifically for this blog. We shall see.

It’s nice to be back on this front. Happy new secular year everyone.


2 comments on “Back to the beginning once again

  1. I haven’t actually been to your blog in a while — it’s pretty! (I generally read it via Reader).

    I’m a bit that way myself right now, with regards to getting back to the work, versus maintaining a devotional practice. Aside from the writing, that generally means the healing work I do (of which the writing is a form of, both self-healing and healing-of-the-world, in its way) and getting back to that is both easy, and difficult. It’s always easier, for me, to pick things back up if I leave my preconceived notions of where I should be behind. And, also, yay graduate work! Because that’s a great accomplishment and you should be proud! (And relieved to be done . . . )

  2. Jo, ha ha, no, I wish I could let myself slow down but I am still finding a way to pile on stuff. Some needed, some maybe not so much. But I can’t seem to slow down that well.

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