Ancestors bring strength to the forge

For several years I have been doing rune pulls on Wednesday, as part of the work/community of an email list I am on. There was a time when I pulled a rune daily, and adapted in the list’s ritual and pulling three runes on Wednesday. Eventually the single runes went away as I decided I wanted some more surprise in life. The three have been a good way to continue building my rune skill. Though for some time the runes have re-taken their mystery with me and I have not been able to get much from the weekly pull. Today was a different story. I pulled the following:

and soon after I looked at them I saw what they wanted to say.

Ancestors bring strength to the forge.

This may be a case of repeating myself, but my connection to the ancestors has never been the best. Over the last year (or maybe more, since I can’t remember when I got a separate space set up for them) I’ve gotten better about doing weekly offerings for them. Yet still there is not much in the way of individual relationships formed. With my genetic family, it’s as though I get a collective ancestor in them all. There are also still beloved dead who are not my blood kin, and I felt the presence of two of them with the start of the new year. One especially so. Somehow I also don’t feel one speck of doubt that either was visiting, or that they have become part of my ancestors.

They are here, as I set out into this next stage of my life. May I be able to forge and temper something amazing with their help.

THIS is why I keep up the devotional work so much. For moments and insights like this.


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