FYI: Maintenance

For those of you reading through a blog reader and have not stopped by the main blog itself recently, I made a theme change. Enough of the water, I need new color and life here. If you don’t recognize the quote, it’s from Midnight in Paris. Which I STILL need to write about here. (And if any of you know how to do good image captures please let me know.)

I’m also still looking to update the blog roll. If you have blog suggestions should check out, leave a comment!


2 comments on “FYI: Maintenance

  1. sorry my privous comment was imcomplet hello soil i am jrav and i wanted to ask if you heard of people worshiping the titans since hekate is teknicly a titan

  2. Hello. I don’t have a lot of contacts among Hellenics so I couldn’t tell you if they do so. It’s possible.

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