A post of merit

It’s a shame. I’m participating in the Pagan Blog Project, but aside from blogs I already read, I just don’t have time even to look at what other people are posting for their entries. Maybe when I am on my upcoming vacation I might get a few moments to take a look in and see what else there is.

That said, I wanted to point out an excellent post to continue the theme I posted previously about cleaning. A fellow remetj in the House of Netjer wrote up an amazing B post for bathtime, giving a great breakdown of the process of purification for the Kemetic Orthodox rite of cleansing before senut. I love it when we can get exegesis of texts which are not Biblical!


3 comments on “A post of merit

  1. Part of the awesomeness of this project is the archived-in-one-area-ness that will be available for glut-reading when one has time to glut-read. So, yay!

  2. Wow, thanks Zat!

    I’ve been gratified by the response to kemeticrecon- last Friday Tamara linked my Bes post on her facebook wall. I was looking at my stats wondering why I had this HUGE spike of reads all at one time.

    The weirdest thing is that a search term from this week was ‘dirty japanese ceramics” 😮


  3. You’re welcome Helms. I also love seeing what kind of hits I get. At least these days they’re more in line with the theme of my blogs.

    And Jo, yeah I might try that. Got a bunch of saved links and saved Twitter stuff to go through too. Meh. And don’t get me started on email.

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