A moment from shrine this morning

For months I have been struggling with a profound sense of disconnection from my Gods and spirits. So the moments when I do get something more and an outside hint that things might improve, I rejoice.

Especially if it involves playing cards. Which is what Dad nudged me to do this morning. I once offered Him a deck I had gotten from a casino a few years ago. Mostly it sits under the shrine with some of His other offerings. This morning, it came out. I shuffled and dealt both of us two cards for some Blackjack.

You see, while I love poker, I cannot even think of playing before 7am. Two cards is much easier and it just takes counting.

I dealt Him a King and an 8. And dealt myself two 9s.

We both stayed, and a good thing since the next card turned out to be a 6.

I was amused. He seemed pleased.

Maybe I need to go to a casino again. If I do, I will bring one of my jackal plushies with me.

Dua Wepwawet!


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