F is for Found ritual objects

I found the seed for this post the day after I wrote up the Frustration post. Along my usual walk to the bus stop in the morning, I did what I usually do which is to scan the sidewalk in front of me for anything I might trip over. Having knee problems from the age of ten leads you to being adept at this. Recent storms and wind had left a litter of broken branches in my path, and among them I found one of a notable shape.

When I picked it up, I KNEW it had to be my stang. Granted, it was not until I read Sarah’s article that my mind finally made a connection with how to START using one. There is some good information out there (like de Vries Hedgerider) but it always seemed like too much for me to start with what had been presented to me before.

Now the little stang sits on my Heathen shrine. I don’t even know what kind of tree it came from. But finding it has been an interesting sort of confirmation that I am on the right path and things will come together soon.

This post is part of the Pagan Blog Project.


4 comments on “F is for Found ritual objects

  1. I’ve been meditating a little on its runic shape, but am not sure about what Chalc is.

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