The Invisibles and inspiration

“I have gift wrapped a moment, for the timeless time to come.”

There is never a clear, straight line which can be followed to trace the evolution of a person and their beliefs. There are always bends, forks in the road, foggy areas… you get the idea.

The cover to The Invisibles 3.8, which sums up most every topic covered in the comic.

One of the biggest influences and inspirations on my life is a “little” comic called The Invisibles. I was introduced to the series around 1996 or 1997 while I was gaming regularly, and was told it was “more Mage than Mage.” Given how much I loved the game (especially playing Cult of Ecstasy characters) I knew I had to read this. Picked up the first collection, Say You Want a Revolution, was sucked in hard, and then had to wait far too long for another one. Who knows why, but Vertigo skipped releasing the rest of volume one and jumped right to volume 2 in graphic novels. That didn’t stop me. Even without a good portion of the story (and not quite having the drive to get individual issues) I continued to read and reread the books I could get. Finally around 2000 I was able to get the rest of volume one along with the concluding volume 3.

The Invisibles messes with your mind and reality, and it’s quite a deliberate thing. In addition to becoming one of the most visionary comic book writers around, Grant Morrison is also rather well known for being a practitioner of chaos magick. Usually I have no use for chaos workings but I have a great deal of respect for how he handles it. The man knows how to make his magic work!

The Invisibles was the source where I learned about sigils (hey, this is an extension of bind runes!). Long before I knew of heka and the power of words (a topic for another “catch up” PBP post), I watched Ragged Robin writer herself into a wild story and time traveling… oh but I might be saying too much already.

Nonduality, Manichaeism and gnosticism, language reshaping reality, Conspirary to make Philip K. Dick envious, quantum mechanics, poetry, initiations, sex, drugs, rock and roll and magick, it’s ALL in these pages.

The Invisibles is designed to be a story read multiple times. You learn more with each read, concepts, pop culture, about yourself. If you’ve read other titles by Grant, you find that he continues a lot of the themes he presented in these pages.

Because of the Invisibles, I wound up rethinking a lot of how I present myself to the world and how I interact with it. At the least, there IS something to be said for shaping yourself into someone “cool.” Plus, when my life is going really well, it does feel like I am living in the pages of a comic book. Quite a wild ride.

I also highly recommend the documentary about Grant, Talking With Gods. Whenever I need a reminder that life isn’t all about repetitive tasks and being surrounded by banality, I watch it again.

And if you want some unfiltered (yet younger) Grant, you MUST watch his speech from Disinfocon in 2000.

Yes, he might be crazy. And I know that on some level I’m crazy too. Doesn’t mean we’re not on to something in our craziness.

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