On my non-relationship with Loki

I have given myself a challenge: to do at least three posts for this blog before Friday. There are still many things I want to fill in. Plus posting might be the kick in the pants my spirit needs to get to DOING more.

So on to that…

While I don’t feel like I have spoken of it much in a while, Odin and His family plays a big role in my spiritual life. In fact, my active devotion to him has been happening for much longer than with the Jackal. Odin, Frigga, Freyja… and when I became part of (the currently dormant) Odhroerir Fellowship, gained Bragi (Who gave me the push to join), Idunna, Gunnlod, and Bestla.

Notice who is not in there though.


Yeah that guy. The mischievous one. Trickster. He Who stirs up trouble, and then aids in the rectification. Even with the apparent clause in the lore that if one toasts to Odin, they should also drink to His blood-brother. Generally I don’t do this.

Because I did it once.

It was about ten years ago, in a small blot with some friends. I was feeling rather elated that day for a few reasons, and felt that I HAD to toast Mr. L. along with Himself of the One Eye.

And then during dinner a little while later, I had a MAJOR initiatory experience. No, I am not going to share the story publicly. Some of you who have known me for a long time know it. Those who don’t… let me say that it was major, intense, and ended up forcibly shoving me toward some heathens on the west coast. Most notably, Diana Paxson. And I wound up in the beta class of her trance class, the material which ended up published in her book Trance-portation.

In hindsight, yes it needed to happen. It led to some very needed learning, skills, and connections. But going through it at the time is the type of situation I’d rather not repeat deliberately.

Dare I say I got

(Okay, I could not resist the gif, and do admit that over the past month I’ve become part of (Marvel) Loki’s Fangirl Army. That kind of discussion is more of a pop culture magic/mythology thing, maybe I’ll come back to it at a later date.)

I’m not looking for any Loki apologists here or what have you. It’s just the state of my personal practice. I know He’s out there, I acknowledge His existence, and I know full well that giving Him a foothold in my life would not be a help to me.

And all that said, I don’t agree with the complete shunning of Loki by modern mainstream Heathenry. I believe that to do so is to bring peril, because He will find a way in. And over that, there is even less control than I had during that initiation. Trust me, you don’t want to be in that boat.

This post is part of the Pagan Blog Project.


4 comments on “On my non-relationship with Loki

  1. I’m pretty much a Kemetic pantheon only kind of girl, but Loki (and Dionysus) always manages to wiggle into my thoughts. On some days it’s been close to fangirl obsession as I browse every blog that is dedicated to Him. (Read all the blogs!)

  2. Oh I love it when Gods take over the brain that way. And I can definitely see some similarities between Loki and Dionysus. (Been putting together my thoughts for an introductory post on boundary gods and working out why I don’t include either of Them as such. They are too much on that side of “other” to work in my view of things.)

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