Reviving practices all around the world

I couldn’t not share this…

Jason at The Wild Hunt shared this little gem of a video talking about Eshmun. A Phoenician god known for healing, His unearthed temple in Lebanon has slowly but surely been receiving pilgrims once again.

It warms my heart so much to think that more and more people are wanting to revive the worship of deities long-dormant. May it continue to be so, and may we continue to find each other.


One comment on “Reviving practices all around the world

  1. Wow!

    Of course, Eshmun/Echmoun is syncretized (in one location) to a certain deity I know and love very well indeed…

    And, I did write a poem having to do with Echmoun and Melqart, the gods of Sidon and Tyre respectively, in the Near Eastern deities devotional anthology that BA put out last year…

    So glad to see people are visiting his temple again, and not just as tourists or archaeologists!

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