Starting the new year with a clean slate

The Kemetic new year is quickly coming up on us. One of the traditions in the House of Netjer is a modern adaptation of the second day of the year, known as the Wetting of the Head before the Gods. For those who attend the House’s new year retreat, you can take part in the Seven Arrows of Sekhmet baths. If you are not able to attend the baths for whatever reason, you do still have the option of participating in the baths on your own. Rev. Siuda has made small bottles filled with the same bath ingredients used at the baths at Tawy House. I have experienced both the in-person baths as well as the at-home baths. Both are equally potent!

You also have more options of baths if you order from her store. She offers baths from Gods Who are not included in the annual bathing ritual. Take a look around and see what might benefit you. If you do opt for multiple baths, I would recommend starting with the Sekhmet bath, then following up with any others you might need or want.

Good health and luck to you!


2 comments on “Starting the new year with a clean slate

  1. What do you mean by “potent”? I’ve been eyeballing her Sekhmet baths for a long while, but I never really knew what the purpose was for…

  2. Aubs, potent as in very effective. I wish I had the time and money to go to Retreat every year just so I can take part in the baths. Her bath alone is worth it.

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