Renewal, rebirth, and relaxation

I’ve returned safely from the annual House of Netjer retreat in Illinois. The 20th year of the House of Netjer, and this year is a year given to Nut.

This past week has been beautiful. I presented, my ka has been fed, I have laughed, made many new friends, and even made a little money doing divinations for people.

I’ve received a lot of messages, my cement head has all but disappeared, and all I have to do now is remember what I’ve learned and live it.

Dua Nut! Dua Wepwawet! Dua shemsu her remetj em Kemet! Nekhtet!

7 thoughts on “Renewal, rebirth, and relaxation

  1. I am extremely happy to see you return in better spirits. I’ve been wondering (and worrying) about you, and had hoped this trip would provide nourishment. YAY!

  2. Thank you so much Jo. 🙂 I hope I can hold on to this too. Having a lot of considerations about how to work my multiple traditions and such. Getting ideas slowly.

  3. Aubs, it depends. Mine has been a recent thing (well, for a few years) and don’t recall the details of yours.

  4. Im glad you had a good time, i would live to go to one but im from the UK so its a little out of my price range.

  5. PIckle, I will note it can be done. This year we had a person from the UK, one from Tenerife, and one from Germany.

  6. I know it can but we are talking a few thousand ££££’s so no time soon for me lol

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