On and off hiatus

I’ve spoken before of my year as a waxing and waning of which traditions/pantheons hold more sway. As we have just celebrated the Kemetic New Year, I am currently in a very Netjer-dominant headspace. During Retreat I had even decided (or probably had it mentally “suggested”) that I take a bit of a hiatus from honoring my other gods and spirits. This way I could give myself a chance to absorb and integrate everything which had happened during my week among the spiritual nation.

In truth, I didn’t mind doing it either.

While I was co-leading the discussion with Imti on practicing multiple traditions, I found myself again thinking, and saying, that my life would be much easier if I did not have so many claims on my spirit. Having three weeks (the week of Retreat and the past two) where I only focused on Them has been quite relaxing. And it has made me wonder: COULD I “just” be Kemetic? Possibly. Probably. I even think Everyone Else would understand if I did so.

But I can’t. I just can’t get away from Them. Especially the Heathen side. When it inadvertently comes up relating to a very specific modern Kemetic item, I know there is no escape.

I like it that way. Syncretism. All these crossed paths. Things working their way into everything else. I even head a story connecting a lwa with one of the Names during Retreat. Don’t know if it’s one that I can share publicly as I was not there for the original incident. But it is one of those stories which gives you a big whack on the head that Gods and spirits are much bigger than we can imagine and our modern UPGs may have a lot more stuff behind them.

Oh, and for the off hiatus bit. Earlier this morning when I was in shrine Dad gave indication that perhaps this week would be a good one to start honoring the lwa again. Not that I “need His permission” to do so; our relationship does not work that way. I think it was more to say “hey, you know you can probably get back to things sooner than you imagine.”


7 comments on “On and off hiatus

  1. Ah WP seems to have eaten my reply to you, SatAset. A lot of what we discussed in the group are things I have blogged about here over the years. Perhaps I need to go through the archives and see what I have and what needs to be filled in.

    Aubs, indeed. And it’s not even that They are demanding either, it’s just making sure I keep up those relationships and don’t let them become stale. It’s time to find a new balance with everyone.

  2. I’m finally getting to a point where I don’t really question the cycle of my devotional life, or try to make it be other than what it wants to be. It’s hard, though, to feel like you’re neglecting part of your family, or that you’ve forgotten them. Though, *They* seem to know what’s what, even when we don’t.

    I love the syncreticism, though, and I can’t really imagine *you* any other way, and happy.

  3. I hear you on the occasional wishing I could be single-pantheon. It’s wonderful to be syncretic, and also sometimes exhausting to continue to struggle for the balance (as well as not having the Various and Sundry Powers eat up all my free time and brain space). I’m glad you got a lot out of your retreat, though!

  4. Jo, I agree, I think something would feel lacking if I did not keep my toes in multiple ponds. And having the Opener of the Ways as the one to Whom I made my oaths to be first, it kinda makes sense.
    Neferet, thank you! I even have a chance to reply to this award.
    B, thanks! And I know you are feeling my pain. Maybe when I am next out west we can do dinner and swap stories of how to handle things. I can’t even fathom how I did things pre-degree now.

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