A hymn for Wadjet

No matter what calendar you use, once you get into the rhythm of a new year it can feel like that year is just speeding away. I can’t believe it’s already been over a month since we in the House of Netjer brought for a big Zep Tepi with Year 20. We’re already into the second month!

Wadjet, by Kefitmisenu. (Original is sitting in a drawer in my house, begging for a frame.)

The first day of the second month (2 Akhet) includes a festival for one of my favorite Goddesses, Wadjet. She is the Guardian of the Red Crown, and Lower Kemet. An Eye of Ra, Weret Hekau (Great of Magic), and Arrow of Sekhmet, possibly an Arrow of Bast (UPG according to Shefyt, and according to some sources, the mother of my Father Wepwawet. She is amazing, and along with Her sister Nekhbet (Who is over the White Crown and Upper Kemet), I don’t feel They get enough love.

During Wadjet’s festival day I started playing with the idea of what a hymn to Her might be. For all that I seem to be a write, poetry and devotional hymns aren’t a big part of my word crafting. I’ve done one or two short hymns for private use. But the Muse struck me. I came up with something. It may get modified in the future. It might not. For the first hymn I’ve been willing to share, I’m VERY pleased with how it turned out.

Dua Wadjet!
Hail to You, Green Lady,
Guardian of the Red Crown,
Keeping Your Eye over (lower) Kemet,
Protect us!
Strike out against those who would consume our sustenance.
Keep the scales of Ma’at even, so that we might live!

II Akhet I, Year 20

(permission to use as you like, so long as I am credited as author.)

Dua Wadjet!


3 comments on “A hymn for Wadjet

  1. Very nice!

    I had occasion to mention her, along with Nekhbet, in A Serpent Path Primer, for the various ways in which “the Two Lands” can be expressed in Egyptian phraseology. And being that she’s a snake-goddess as well…of course it was even more appropriate to that context! 😉

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