Yule 2012: Yule Eve

It’s Mothernights. I tried to meditate, but it did not quite work. Tonight is yet another night of realizing just how drained I feel from all which has happened (and not happened) over this year. My hope is to turn my time off work (which starts tomorrow at 4.30) into a time of rest and restoration. I even think I have a reprieve on crafting. For the last few years I have observed the taboo on doing spinning, knitting, etc. out of respect for Frau Holle. But this year I have done so little with any fiber craft that having a glut of time when I might be able to focus on it is permissible. The runes said to give it a chance, so I will.

Tomorrow night I am going to try to have a small rite for Yule. One or two things should be done.

Fehu: How has abundance manifested in my life this year?

Oh this is a loaded question. My pay went up… as did my collection of stuff, my debts, and my weight. Yes I acknowledge that this year was about recovery, but I don’t know if I like what I gained this year. But I also have friends, love, and experiences with that. Yes, it might just balance it all out.

Uruz: Where is my strength?

Perseverance. The very fact that I will not give up. I may rest, I may take breaks, but if it’s important, I always find a way back.


4 comments on “Yule 2012: Yule Eve

  1. And, of course, writing about Wepwawet at the gates of this new year for a certain devotional anthology might not also be a bad way to spend part of the day, and the days off after…!?! 😉

  2. Sufenas, I am inclined to agree with you there. Feels like tonight would be a good time for a detox bath, so I am hoping that will help the overall energy levels and such.

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