Yule 2012: Night Two

On this, a wished-for day of apocalypse, or enlightenment, or something, I am doing the one thing a geek like me should do. Watching Doctor Who: The End of Time again. Tomorrow morning I am going to wake up and say “He did it! The Doctor saved us!”

On to the next set of questions. Is anyone else doing this, either publicly or on their own?

Thurisaz: What obstacles stand in my way?

Ah, one of those loaded ideas for me. This year a big obstacle has been recovering from fatigue. Whenever I felt like I was doing a little better, I’d push a little too much and have another setback. Even now I need to be careful because a few full/busy days and I want to sleep at every possible chance.
My other greatest obstacle is stagnation. One of my plans for the coming yea is to do everything I can to break it up and sweep it away.

Ansuz: What inspires me? How do I inspire others?

What inspires me? Living, talking with other people, reading, new experiences.

How do I inspire others? I hope in the same ways in which I get inspired.


2 comments on “Yule 2012: Night Two

  1. Solstice eve we did our usual rites to household spirits, and a Yule fire till Midnight and gifts opening. I got new tarot cards and expect to be experimenting with those….possibly beginning tonight.

  2. I did some small maintenance for my spiritual work but that was it. Though somehow it was enough to trigger some interesting dreams.

    Happy Yule!

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