Yule 2012: Night Three

There is a new year here. I had a good new year’s eve celebration. And today is now the last day of serious loafing. I’ve made up my food for the week, my stuff is ready to go off to work tomorrow, and I think I can face “normal” life again.
In shrine this morning, I did some new year’s related heka and a bunch of divination. This could be a very interesting year. I just need to remember to stay in the driver’s seat and not coast along.

Raidho: What journeys (either literal or spiritual) have I made this year?
For trips involving a plane: San Francisco, Florida (twice), and Chicago.
Spiritual: That Chicago trip was out for Retreat for the House of Netjer, which means a definite level of “higher” thinking and experiencing. It was good to reconnect with everyone out there.
Otherwise, I didn’t do much in the way of moving, for good or for ill.

Kenaz: What have I crafted?
Oh I wish I could say I did more. Some fiber arts happened, I mad a few herbals charms, some Yule gifts, and a lot of food. There are also words all over the place and ideas. This year I hope to bring more to fruiting, engage some more of that fire.


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