Yule 2012: Night Four

Today my beloved Fox shared a blog post with me which I need to share with you all very soon. All I will say for now is that my “jumping around” various religious traditions somewhat more logical and it’s a way of working which I think needs to be more public.

Gebo: What gifts have I given and received?

I’ve given many a physical gift this year, along with the gifts of my time, company, friendship, and love. Those gifts do seem more precious, especially when one is not in physical proximity to me.
For receiving, I got stuff. I got some big woo-woo moments at Retreat this year. Honest to Netjer, I think my Dad said something to a few of the Names before They came to the baths saying “Hey there’s my girl there, have some fun with her. She needs it!” Also, I cried on Sekhmet-Mut. I’d like another round of that.

Wunjo: What has brought me joy?
This isn’t the biggest one but one of the first coming to mind. I got my first set of wings recently, leopard print no less! Not the ones in this video of course, but it gives you an idea of why they make me so happy.

What else… bellydance, good food, conversations, the above, seeing Jane’s Addition, Eddie Vedder, and Secret Chiefs 3, some very good books, connection, going back to gothdom (at least in dress and being social), laughing, movies and tv, music. It’s good to have things in my life which consistently bring joy to my life.


2 comments on “Yule 2012: Night Four

  1. Neferet, I’m training in mainly Egyptian and Turkish, which can branch well into Lebanese and other Middle Eastern styles. Also been learning zils and need a cane so I can do a little more of that.

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