Yule 2012: Night Six

There are no excuses for dropping off again, I know it well. But the last few days have been busy with relatives here. I seem to be gaining more focus and that is a help. There is also the matter of my first Pagan Blog Project post to be done for this year. Tonight, it looks like.

Isa: Where do I need to slow down, show more caution?

Ah, this is a good one to keep in mind right now. I’ve said it in other places so apologies if I am repeating myself. What I need to do is not be so quick to dive in with new projects and ideas. The foundations need to be established again before I can even think about starting with anything new (and shiny!).

Jera: What have I harvested?
That’s a more difficult question since I am not sure. There is one of my default answers of the year: health. Even the break over Christmas and New Year’s proved to be beneficial and I am seeing the benefits of the rest. There is nothing like spending a week and a half going to bed when you want and waking when you want. Oh and if you’re wondering, I am not a huge night own. Not waking to an alarm, at a time earlier than I prefer, is a big help. This is why I am going to bed earlier once again. Sleep is wonderful for healing. Don’t try to push yourself to be up late then wake early. Get all the sleep you can!


One comment on “Yule 2012: Night Six

  1. I love how you answered “what have I harvested” with “Health.” That is so creative! I would have been like, “Okay, what values have I strengthened, and how do they affect me… etc, etc,” but I do not think I would have even considered health and healing. Awesome. 🙂 Also, you were nominated for the Liebster Award. Congrats!

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