Yule 2012: Night Eight

I stayed home from work today because the sore throat I’ve been dealing with for a few weeks manifested into something more. It’s been nice to rest and no push myself to do anything.
Also, I got a reply from Amanda Fucking Palmer on the Twitter today. We were both listening to the same program on the radio about new music for the year. She called in, I said squee, and replied to her Twitter post about it. And thoroughly geeked out over getting a response from her.

Elhaz: How do I ward myself?

Since last I answered this question, my magical warding has become a regular practice. I use a combination of runes and visualise them expanding into a bubble around my aura. Also, my shenu (Kemetic Orthodox necklaces dedicated to various Names of Netjer) are often on my person and do help with the protection. Also, I do spiritual cleanings of my person and my living space with some regularity. It keeps out the junk and means less hooks for something nasty to attach.
For non-magical protection, I have developed a thicker skin, speak up for myself more, and live with integrity. It’s not perfect nor does it cover a static reality. These things help.

Sowilo: What insights have come to me?

More things about becoming a mature adult and preparing myself for making major changes this year. Of note would be one which came during the break from work. It feels good to relax, take things slow, and not put too much pressure on myself. One of my nearest and dearest told me I am not allowed to forget this or do otherwise. So far, so good!


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