Yule 2012: Night Eleven

After you finish reading the answers to my questions here, I cannot suggest enough that you look at my dear friend Sufenas’s latest Queer I Stand column at Patheos, Bringing Back the Gods. I have a hard time fully articulating my reasons for being a devout polytheist, but he sums it up with more eloquence than I could ever hope to give the subject.

Laguz: How do I work with my dreams?

For the dreams in sleep, I chronicle them as much as I am able. Over many years I have learned how to interpret them and have some idea now of what things mean. I dream in color, which I point out because I remember once reading or hearing that people dream in black and white. Not I. Full rich color and complex stories. Some are quite amazing and fun, and some make me want to do anything but sleep after.
For my daytime dreams and desires, I do what I can to make them happen. By speaking, acting, and through magic.

Ingwaz: What seeds have I planted, and what have I sacrificed to nourish them?

Oh I wish the answer to this were a simple one. In truth I am uncertain. There are the dreams mentioned above but I don’t know if those qualify as seeds. Whether they are or not I am making sacrifices. Taking time out to manifest my desires. Being stricter with my spending to save more and pay off debts sooner. Working to get more of my unwanted stuff out. Making plans.


2 comments on “Yule 2012: Night Eleven

  1. Until now, I thought everyone dreamed in colour! How odd to dream in black and white. It sounds very romantic to dream in b&w, artistic….

  2. I heard this years ago, and it may be that the data has changed. I know there have been a few times when I have dreamt in black and white and I NOTICED when I did. But it also makes me wonder, how do they figure this out? It’s not as though one can view another’s dreams.

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