Yule 2012: Night Twelve

I did it. I did it. I DID IT! All twelve nights, even if they are late.

I think my plan for this week is going to be writing one blog post a night, because I want to do my two A posts before the first round of B posts. And as I think I said before, I do have ideas for both of those B posts.

Othala: Where is my true home?

I think I respond in a similar way every year, and that is to say my home is with the people I love. My family of blood and my family of choice. Now that I am making more concrete plans to change my physical home, I am remembering this more and more. Especially when I go to California or Florida do I feel this.

Dagaz: What doors have opened for me? What doors have closed?

I would like to think that more doors for potential careers have opened. With my workload and experience increasing this past year, it only heightens my qualifications for jobs, and proof that I can adapt to different work situations.
And I hate to think about closed doors, but there is one. I pray that someday I can find a way to open it again.


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