A is for abundance

[FYI, I am still updating the blogroll list. Yes, it is long, and yes I read them all. I think this is why I feel like I have so little time for my own work. I spend a lot of time reading. These days, I need the inspiration and outside ideas.]

Maybe there is a reason why it’s taking me a little longer to get started on these posts. I had the idea to make this my first topic when the year turned over. Then I was meditating on the parallels and differences between abundance and prosperity, thinking about how one can have one of these things without the other along with how they can feed into each other. Some of it is also because I do have a lot of stuff, despite the fact that I have been working to cull my possessions.

Then I had one of THOSE days last Sunday, and what was supposed to be a quick tidy of a pile sitting in my bedroom became a big cull of books.

I had to admit to myself that while part of me does want to read these books a great deal, I have had them a long time but have made minimal effort to open them up. If I can, I’d rather not move them. If there is anything in this pile which would benefit me in the long run, I will trust that it will find its way back to me at the right time. And, to be fair, some of them I have read but I don’t anticipate rereading any.

We live in a culture which has made certain types of abundance easy to acquire. Cheap goods, ease of purchase, “keeping up with the Jonses,” and easy credit can add up to a whole lot of stuff around! Books, clothes, food, ritual tools, magical supplies, music, downloaded files, movies, collectibles. Our culture does place a certain status on having stuff. The more you have, the more you must be worth, right?

Then how much of that stuff is eaten, used, worn, read, heard, seen, enjoyed? Maybe it’s not a problem for you. If so, awesome! I wish I could do that. But I admit I do enjoy the high of buying stuff. Not so much that I go into massive levels of debt, though over the years I have had some issues with paying off my purchases. And I don’t even remember where some of that money went.

These days my stuff is just more to be sorted, organized, track, not forget about. It’s a hindrance. It’s also not helping me. If you saw the amount of ritual and spell materials I’ve hung on to over the years, you might either be shocked or see something of yourself in them.

Thinking some more about this, I realize it may sound like I am against abundance. I’m not. Abundances do need to be managed though. For food, it has to be prepared for meals and storage. For money, it needs to be tracked. For possessions, put in its place. There is a certain level of responsibility associated with abundance.

Abundance, to me, should be about having enough so that I do not have to worry about lacking. Not filling in every space in my home. And not getting in the way of my prosperity. If I have a lot of stuff, but spend a large amount of money paying off the debts from that short term thrill, it’s not worth it to me.

This is my prayer for abundance for this year:
May I have enough. May I be able to plan for days ahead without worry. May I be able to support myself. May I be able to recognize needs and wants, and be able to balance them in an appropriate way. May I use and utilize that which I already have.

This post is a part of the Pagan Blog Project.


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