A is for air, aka owning your elements

Let me clear out all associations and baggage before I start. I am Kemetic Orthodox, where the earth, air, fire, and water elemental associations don’t really happen. I’m also Heathen and work as a hedge witch, from a culture in which the world was first made from fire and ice. Technically speaking, these four elements are not a part of my practice. But still I utilize them. I’m a Leo, and by nature a fiery person, and very grounded and practical, so I consider myself a fire and earth person. After becoming reacquainted with my emotions in 2009 (Thank you Hethert) I decided to take a long time focusing on water, and emotions and healing in my life.

In all this elemental style work, I’ve avoided air.

(image viked from Faerie Magazine’s Facebook page. No copyright infringement intended.)

The classic association of air is with the mind. Intelligence and wisdom. Yes, the old wise woman, she who is named as her Father’s wisdom, has denied her airy qualities for a lot of her life. The flip side of being airy is being an airhead, ungrounded, flighty, or too locked into your head.

Um yeah, that last one is my problem. If I were to actually write or speak everything which was in my head I’d not shut up and probably have multiple blogs FULL of material. The reasons why I do not come down to two major ones:

1. I’m hesitant about expressing myself. That’s a case of being unsure about speaking my mind, being wrong, or saying something which people do not agree with.

2. Letting a hundred things get in my way to putting these ideas out into a public format.

A few months ago I was reading Natural Witchery by Ellen Dugan. (Nice book, recommended.) One of her exercises was an elemental balancing exercise, involving a worksheet and writing down perceived strengths and weaknesses. Did I write them out? No, but I did start to think about them and what I would put in each section. And realized that I was more out of whack overall than I thought. For some things it was much easier to get aligned again. Just not with the mind.

For all of these years I have been reluctant to embrace my airy personality traits even though they play such a large role in my life. When I was young, I thought the only thing I had going for me was my intellect. Back then, I didn’t value my imagination, which let me daydream so hard I could project into the spirit world (no joke, I have several memories of vivid daydreams which ended with me falling back on to my bed). Trance work had played a big role in my spirituality and I am working to bring that back to my life. I love incense, scents, pondering, air.

And without air, fire would have no fuel.

Guess it’s time to continue with my work and not ignore this essential part of myself.

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2 comments on “A is for air, aka owning your elements

  1. Thanks for posting this. No need to be hesitant about expressing yourself, it’s a really nice article. We enjoyed reading about your own personal relationship to the air element and what it means to you. It’s refreshing to hear about someone actually admitting to having problems working with this element, avoiding it purposefully and not readily embracing what it means to them in regard to aspects of their own psyche. We appreciate the honesty of your thoughts on this.

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