An Egyptian Kickstarter to back and the day before Pantheacon

Tamara Siuda, head of the House of Netjer, my spiritual mother twice over, and Egyptologist, has a Kickstarter project up now to put together a project she has wanted to put out for years: The Ancient Egyptian Daybook. This project is not just meant for those who are in Kemetic Orthodoxy. Anyone with interest in ancient Egyptian festivals will be able to utilize the material included in this book. I also know she is working on additional bonuses because she has already well passed her goal for the fundraiser.

It’s the day before Pantheacon. I got in to California last night. Time with people I adore, not enough sleep, some intense talk/processing, and I still need to make up the handout for tomorrow’s Real Food for Pagans panel. I hope to see some of you there!


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