Hunting for Hermes

Readers, do any of you actively work with or honor Hermes in your practice? Or do you know (of) anyone who does? I’m getting Bugged again and feel like it’s time to do something about it.


7 comments on “Hunting for Hermes

  1. I honor Hermes in practice, just sort of as a tangent because of my honoring Hekate. But it is such a light practice for me I doubt it will help you much if you feel ‘thwapped’ in particular. He likes watered wine as an offering, and in fact I get a particular “Oh GOOOOD idea, whenever any alcohol is offered at his stone near the front walk (a Hermes stone is traditional).

  2. Hermes is my primary patron, and has been for over a dozen years. šŸ™‚ He is VERY persistent when it comes to little clues, hints, and signs, and He does not give up. Ever.


  3. Thank you both. Jennifer, I swear I am on a six month cycle with Him, but now it feels like if I do not do something, there will be consequences.

  4. Yes, Hermes is especially important to me for all sorts of reasons…and, the Antinous-Hermes syncretism is probably the one that is most important to me outside of “Antinous himself.” (In fact, one of the coins I carry of Antinous has his bust on one side, and then Antinous-Hermes on the other, with him on a horse with a cadeuceus…and, it’s a coin, so it is very Hermetic/Mercurial to begin with!)

    Let me know if you need any particular advice…and, one of the other major Hermes folks I know is Sannion, so he might be useful to speak with on these matters as well.

  5. Sufenas, I do not. Been slowly working on Hermes, Guide of Souls and I need to make some serious time with it this weekend. Then anthology will come. What I want most right now is some basic guideline for making a space and offering for Him. (and this applies to the other comments and anyone else reading.)

  6. I used the God Hermes in Greek Deities for my students, as one who help souls cross over the veil. However, Hermes is a interactive God with me. He is a guide, a helper to find lost items (better than St.Anthony) and I honor him for any help or spiritual encounter he graces me with.

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