Dark Moon Magics, April 2013

Oh blog, oh writing, I miss you. What I would give to have the spoons to see through all the ideas whirling through my head take a more tangible form. Somehow today I have energy, and it may just be from the large cafe au lait I got after work. Whatever it is, I am going to take advantage of it.

Too often I feel frustrated that there is not enough magic in my life. And at the same time I can also marvel at all the magic which IS in my life. Therefore I am going to try to do posts like this at the full and dark moons. May they remind me, focus me, and inspire me.

*Witnessing a light show by the gods against a pitch black sky and standing in the first drops of the first spring rainstorm of the year. Dua Set and hail Thor!
*Getting a load of laundry washed and putting away clothing.
*Changing the bed sheets and performing an over ten year long ritual to help me get restful sleep. I change my sheets on the full and dark moon.
*Lighting up candles for the Nago spirits I serve.
*After I finish this post I will take the time to do my taxes and have one less thing hanging over my head.
*Bringing down the needed tools to once again honor Hekate on Her moon phase. There may also be some banishing happening during that meditation.
(Another bright flash of light and a loud thunderclap!)

If anyone wants to keep on me to do these kind of posts you have my permission and encouragement!


2 comments on “Dark Moon Magics, April 2013

  1. Glad to see you making some progress, and I do hope you keep up these posts!

    Another matter having to do with writing: a certain deity we both know and love would enjoy having a piece by you in the anthology dedicated to that deity’s wider international family. Just sayin’. 😉

  2. That very item is on my list for happening. It’s been two years and I hate that I can’t seem to get everything together enough to make it complete!

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