Full moon magics, April 2013

Health improving a little more.

Candle prepped for spell. Symbols carved in. Candle rubbed with one of my brother’s blends. Sacred space set, flame applied. Meditation done.

Oh hi Bragi. You want me to write for public consumption more than for myself? Give me the energy and focus to do so and I shall.

Ideas are also forming in my head for Valborg. I’ve also decided that starting with that day, I am going to work through the lessons in The Inner Temple of Witchcraft. For a while I have been feeling like there are a hundred paths laid out at my feet and cannot decide where to take the first step. When I mentioned this to Hemet, and that I felt like all had equal pull, she said that it might mean that any of them would be good to take. I’ve had too many cases of starting out and getting sidelined though. It makes me hesitant to take that first step. Because of all the stress and health issues of the last few years, I am hoping that this course of study will bring me back to foundations. Instead of taking a step around my feet I feel like I am raising up above all those paths and maybe giving myself some new perspective.


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