Valborg 2013

For most neopagans, today they are thinking about tomorrow’s holiday: Beltaine. Or, as Thorn Coyle puts it, International Have Sex With A Worker Day. In the Isles, this was a time to put pole in the ground, wake the land, fuck, et cetera. As my own life and practices develop and I get more in touch with the Scandinavian and Germanic currents of magic, I find myself more attuned to a different rhythm. Today is Valborg, which is still celebrated in Sweden. You might know it better by its German name, Walpurginacht.

The land here is starting to warm up and shake off the last of (another harsh) winter. Flowers bloom, insects scurry, last week the wind hound would not stop whistling all over. Patience, friend, you will have your food tonight. Tonight/tomorrow I will commence working through The Inner Temple of Witchcraft, even if some of the material in the pre-lesson chapters makes me want to break out a red pen. This is for techniques and refreshing skills gone dormant for a few reasons.

And tonight…
a candle will be made
mead will be drunk
ointment smeared on skin
another slide into the unseen worlds
magic will be renewed.


3 comments on “Valborg 2013

  1. I’m going to have a lot to say on this later today, but thanks for this post, as you’ve given me something futher to add in as far as links and such go…! 🙂

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