More nuts and bolts of ancestor veneration

Today is the sixth day of the month of 2 Shomu in the Kemetic Orthodox calendar. In antiquity, the sixth day of every month was a day to honor the ancestors. Two years ago, my brother Reverend Raheri started to mark these days with a rite via IRC on the first Sunday of every month. It is a time when we can name our beloved dead and make offerings to them in a community setting.

Honoring my ancestors has turned into a relaxing weekly rite for me over the years. They have a shelf in my bedroom, upon which sits photos, a candle holder, incense burner, some offerings and mementos, and whatever I have offered which can stay there. I have also written before about some more general information about working with ancestors and will link that instead of repeating myself. Instead, today I want to talk about one specific of honoring my ancestors which might be of help.

Several years ago I received this book as a gift from a friend of mine, and as with a lot of blank paper journals it wound up hiding in a desk drawer for some time. When I had the shelf put up for the shrine a few years ago, I put the book there with the intention of writing the names of my beloved dead inside it.

And there it sat, untouched, until March of this year. When I read the 70 day prayer for my beloved’s mother, I decided it was time to start recording names in there. The first two entered were her’s and my father’s. Ever since them, when I do my weekly ancestor offerings I add one or two names to the book. Unless it’s today, in which case I added 7.

If you want to make a formal record for your shrine, try it this way. Just think, in a year you could have over 100 names listed!


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