The Others, The Otherworld and being a Witch

Since I loathe the reblog function, I continue to share my finds as links. These are going to be of interest to a certain subset of my readership.

By Blood and Bone, By Staff and Stone has written three exceptional posts covering fetches, familiars, faery-mates, Otherworldly beings, and their ilk. In the posts Eric also linked this gem from Sarah Lawless entitled What Makes One a Witch.

I have been on this path for over two decades. I still struggle. I still have trouble putting on foot in front of the other. I still wonder if I have any business claiming witch and hedge rider for myself. Writing like this I take a the big hits on the head delivering the “YES” message. Yes, even as I falter.

It’s real. It’s not depth psychology in some extra cool robes. I’m not making it all up. Or if it is in my head, it’s like Lon Milo DuQuette says and I just don’t know how big my head is.


2 comments on “The Others, The Otherworld and being a Witch

  1. And thank you so much for writing it. I had been hanging on to the posts in my blog reader for days because I knew I did not just want to skim them.

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