Dark moon magics May 2013

Since it does seem like there is some interest from people in hearing about these things, I keep posting.

Inner Temple of Witchcraft dedication rite begun and first lessons practiced. Energy work. I first discovered this kind of energy 25 years ago, that magnetic attraction/repulsion current that can run between hands. Now I have become so aware and attuned to it that even the thought of such energy gives my hands an alive and heavy feeling. But I do the exercises to regain the regular practice. That is the purpose.
In the dedication ritual I also rewrote the pledge to serve my own needs. I am not a neophyte, nor do I ascribe to a (neo)Wiccan ethos. But the promise has been made, and my Gods and spirits will hold me accountable.

The rite was also done under the shadow of Hekate. My rituals remain minimal but they remind me of what lurks beneath my surface.

Daily journal writing continues, mostly with the computer as medium but last night also some paper journal to record what I had done.

Yesterday morning upon waking I had one of Seidhjaller‘s songs for the seidh rite running through my head.

And this morning I had a message on Facebook from someone I vaguely know, because it turns out she saw Someone behind me and wanted me to know. There was a minor variation I’ve never heard of before with the vision but with Him I can believe it.

I also have at least 7 posts for PBP in the planning stages and I MUST write them. Energy levels are up thanks to a new herb in my supplementation. No not that kind of herb!
But an interesting herb. I bought 4 ounces at the health food shop on Wednesday, on the suggestion of my holistic nutritionist. When I was putting the powder in the bag I did feel a little something but did not give more thought. Yesterday morning, upon addition to my kefir and consumption, I felt the spirit of that herb launch into me. Seems I have gained a new ally for now. I am hoping to learn more as I continue to practice, consume, and heal.


4 comments on “Dark moon magics May 2013

  1. I would love to know who your new herbal ally is.

    Really enjoying reading your blog. I, too, am a syncretic mystic.

  2. Thanks for the kind welcome.

    I’m familiar with Siberian ginseng but it’s been a while since it was in my regimen. Perhaps I need to try it out again.

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