Full moon magics, May 2013

Source used under Creative Commons.

I had meant to do the Rite of Her Sacred Fires for Hekate this weekend but that was not to be. Last night I ran my foot into the frame of my bed, splitting the skin between my pinky toe and the one next to it. The index toe? I don’t know. It bled, but a pressure bandage helped that. Maybe it needed stitches but now is it too late. Today I went to the acute care center, had it rewrapped and given a tetanus shot. Just to be sure.

It’s forcing me to slow down in my head.

I did commit one act of magic. A repeat of a spell I did last month because it worked once before and I need some more of that.

On Tuesday I head into New York City for the week, to play tourist and to immerse myself in music. I need this on all levels. The laptop is coming with me and I am hoping that I can get more of my ideas out of my head. Still not enough time and energy for everything.


2 comments on “Full moon magics, May 2013

  1. I do all my Hekate rites not at full moon, but at NEW….in Hellenic times, for instance, the first day of every Hellenic month was new moon and sacred to Hekate. So, see, you still have plenty of time!

  2. I normally do that as well, but for reasons I have not fully understood yet, Her Sacred Fires coincides with the moon’s first waning in May of each year.

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