Speaking for Them

Everyone, go check out this post by Devo about the ins and outs of speaking up when your Gods (or spirits) ask you to do so.

On some level I feel like since I am semi-out in a religious sense, every word which comes out of my mouth is going to end up weighed in someone’s judgment of the path(s) I walk. I’m not perfect, far from it in fact. But it would be nice if someone heard about this weird, spooky thing of Heathenry or Kemetic Orthorodxy and some of their response is “Well, Soli’s involved with it, and she has a good head on her, so it can’t be all bad.”


One comment on “Speaking for Them

  1. Interesting post. I’ve had that experience a few times, but usually in rather minor and interpersonal things. My experience is more being a muscle that moves for my much maligned (often by me!) deities. The worst for me is being a cross-pantheon pagan and occasionally feeling like a tugawar toy.

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