Lunar magics July 2013

One benefit I have found over the last few years of blogging has been that it holds me accountable in some way for doing. Can’t spend all my time pondering because that just gets boring for me. I need to be able to back up ideas with action. Last month’s admission that I did not do any magic on either the ful or the dark moon was impetus enough to make sure I did SOMETHING this month.

And I did.

On the weekend before the dark moon I was able to get into something of a light trance state with some notable help. Yesterday I was unable to do full moon work at the moon itself due to family obligations, but today I am riding that energy for some continued spellwork. It’s worked the last few times I have done it and it’s something which benefits me so I might as well continue it!

This week I have my Pagan Activist post to put up and I am looking forward to getting that out of my head. I also now have blog space via Rending the Veil and am having an idea of what I might do with that. Because writing two blogs and contributing to a third is not nearly enough even when I do have chronic health issues!

the doing is happening again, even if only in small amounts. What I’d give to be able to do more.


2 comments on “Lunar magics July 2013

  1. I’ve been wanting to hear what your results have been with the various matters mentioned in your link there to the “assistance” you had…I’ve been speaking with some colleagues of various sorts about those things over the last few years, and it might be interesting to try at some point. If you’d have a moment or two, I’d be interested in speaking further privately with you on that…

  2. Email me. I can tell you this much publicly, it gets me through whatever blocks and resistance I have developed because of a few years of way too much stress.

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